31 Days of Yes


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Every October, The Nester hosts a blog event called 31 Days {of change}.  Basically it means a bunch of us are going to be on the internet even more than usual.  For 31 days, you write on the same topic, any topic at all, and hopefully go into it on a deeper level.  Here's The Nester's words:
What’s 31 Days? Basically anyone can join in, just pick a topic and write about it every day for the month of October–we all come here and link up on October 1st.  Think short posts with one point made each day.
There are over 1000 blogs officially participating.

1000!!!  WOW.  There is usually some fantastic reading material to be found during this October event.  Instead of just ordering take-out and hunkering down to read other people's thoughts for a month, I decided to give it a try myself.  Because, you know, consistency has really been my thing here on this blog, so posting every day should be breeze. . .or you get to watch me crash and burn.  Either way, should be entertaining for someone.

My 31 Days' topic is Yes.  This year has been all about being brave for me: taking on things that haven't been my habit - that for which I have had opposing habits - and doing things I'd really rather not because they are good for me.  Like running. So for 31 days, I'll focus this in and make a conscious choice to do something I normally wouldn't.  Because when you get down to it, the only way we actually improve and change our lives is to change what we actually do.  And I will tell you about it.  Lucky you.  *grin*  Hopefully none of these posts will include the phrase "entire bottle of wine" or "grocery shopping at the 711."  Honestly though, I am sharing this because I hope it will hold me accountable, and it will be amusing/encouraging to you.  No big huge things here, just little steps each day, so that at the end of each day, my life is a little bit closer to the dream I seek.

Here's my jumpstart: YES to a challenge to write every.day. for 31 days!

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