31 Days of Yes: Imperfection

I planned to write a post about friendships or some such wonderfulness, but I have run out of time.  My departure for our church's women's retreat is near.  So today's post is very very simple.  Yes to imperfection.  What we want to happen often does not.  What we wish we had accomplished is often not possible.  And that, my friends, is ok.  I was stressing a bit about not meeting my own standard for these posts, for getting flaky on the fifth day of this series, but really, does it matter?  No.  I wanted to make treats to share for the re-treat as well, and I did not.  I blame the children.  *grin* This, too, will be fine.  No one will ooohh and ahhh over my culinary impressiveness, but I'm sure no one will whisper, "if only that Danielle girl had brought some muffins, this could really have been a great trip."

Day Five

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