31 Days of Yes: Healthy Food

We all run around saying we're too busy to cook, but this is like saying we're too busy to exercise.  If we are too busy for these things, we're too busy.  These are the things that make up a happy, healthy you.  Say yes to healthy food and make preparing good meals a priority you won't skip over.  Making good food does not have to be time consuming or costly.  There are budget websites all over the place, here are two to get you started: Grocery Budget 101 and Good Cheap Eats. Or here's my one minute tutorial on how to make a super cheap, super easy meal (that would be super squared, for you math whizzes out there):

1) Buy rotisserie chicken (Costco: $6 or so) (This usually gives our family two meals worth of meat)
2) Buy frozen veggies of any kind (price varies)
3) Heat veggies in a pot on your stove.  Use chicken broth if you buy it or make it, otherwise you can add a little water or butter during the cooking.  Add salt and pepper.  Pull the meat off of your chicken while you wait.
4) If you're really hungry, throw a sweet potato in the oven while the vegetables thaw/cook.  Bonus points if you quickly slice it like a ninja, drizzle on olive oil and add salt before baking.
5) Eat.  Done.
See? Cheap, easy, tasty.  And if you really want to be thrifty, save that chicken carcass and turn it into chicken stock.

If you can't fit organic vegetables and free range, sung-to-sleep every night chicken into your budget, don't worry about it.  Really.  Set it as a goal for later, and be proud to feed yourself healthier food right now.

Day Eighteen 

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  1. This recipe is really a healthy one with lot of vegetables in it.


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