31 Days of Yes: Exercise

New research says that you don't have to get all your exercise in one long slog.  (It will probably change next week, but whatever.)  That means you can run up and down your stairs for ten minutes in the morning, chase your kids/dog/solicitor around the neighborhood for 10 minutes in the afternoon, and round it all out with 10 minutes of jumping jacks while you watch Modern Family in the evening, and call that a very good work out.  Bam!  Problem solved.

I have long waved the "but I'm too busy with children" flag as an excuse to not exercise regularly.  This spring when I finally started running, I realized I had been lying to myself and also cheating myself out of a much happier and healthier life.  We are very creative at fitting in the things we want to do.  We know it's important to move our bodies, we just don't.
There is time enough to exercise, but you have to say yes, make a plan, and do it.

PS: For more quick exercise ideas take a look a The Angry Birds Workout Plan.

Day Seventeen 

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