31 Days of Yes: Chocolate and a Game

Hello, I am a mama and I am tired.  Foggy, where did I put my keys, and I think I just fell asleep for a second there, tired.

So when my three year old asks, "can we make brownies?" I usually reply in my most loving tone, "Um, no."

Except today I said (wait for it) YES!  Actually we didn't make end up making brownies.  Instead, we made these yummy (gluten-free, sugar-free) cookie bites: Mini Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies.  I added honey for the sweetener and pumpkin puree since we didn't have applesauce, and those freeze-dried raspberries?  I just ignored that part.  Quite tasty, mostly healthy, and appropriately fall-ish.  The cookies could also be dairy free if you had a different chocolate source.  I think they would be sweet enough on their own if you use sweet fruit like banana or applesauce.  Many recipe thanks to my friend Emily, who is already working to help my newly gluten-free self enjoy baked goods.

We sat with our cookies around the coffee table and played a board game before bedtime.  And I did not yawn once.  YES!

day one
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