31 Days of Yes: Angry Birds

Note: If launching rampaging avians at thieving pork chops isn't your thing, just replace Angry Birds with another activity you enjoy.

Recently I watched a Ted Talk on the game SuperBetter, which is designed to help people recover from illness or trauma.  Jane, the creator of SuperBetter, remarked on a study that asked people near the end of their lives what they would do differently.  And they all said, "play more Angry Birds."  Ok, not really, but they did say (among other things) "I wish I had let myself be happier."

When we live the kind of over-full lives we currently do, any time spent that doesn't have some kind of measurable productivity is often seen as a waste.  Saying yes to leisure time - time spent on an activity just because you enjoy it - is a choice that faces resistance; yet allowing yourself to make it, even if it's just a few rounds of Angry Birds, can add margin and smiles to your day.  And, according to Jane, lengthen your life.  I'm not saying you should carve out hours for video games.  I am saying, choose each day to do something just because you want to.

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Day Thirty 

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