31 Days of Yes: The Undone

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Not undone, as in, "she's come undone," although that often applies too.  I mean all that crap you can never get caught up on.
I have a Kilimanjaro of laundry on my couch.  My usual habit is to wash all the laundry on Mondays, pile it all up on the couch, and then have a movie fest while folding it all.  This works pretty well when nothing unusual happens, such as someone putting someone else's toothbrush in the toilet and causing a repeat of the Cuba Missile Crisis, or someone running around in the house and sending the baby flying across the floor, or me being too tired move my arms in a folding motion.

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So anyway, there's this laundry pile.  As I'm finishing up various other tasks and preparing for said movie-laundry fest, my daughter creeps down the stairs (probably afraid I'll throw something at her. . . not that I ever actually release an object in her direction. . .) and starts the conversation with, "Mom, I was thinking. . .You've had such a long day and it's so very late, and. . .and. . .you've worked enough for today!  I just think you should quit working and go to bed."  Pause.  "I just really felt like I should tell you that."

Out of the mouths of babes?  Ok, I'll say yes to the undone laundry and put myself to bed.  As parents, and especially mothers, our work literally never ends.  There are a million things we wish we could get done, and at least half that many that really needed to be done yesterday.  I think it will always be like that, and part of living a contented life is acknowledging that lengthy to-do list with a polite nod, and then locking it in the closet until morning.

Day Twenty-Three 

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