31 Days of Yes: Rain

The rain came back today, after a long and glorious fall. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have to survive on brief flashes of sunlight from now until about mid June. Oh, except for that weird warm spell that sometimes comes around the beginning of February. So naturally, a little seasonal depression sets in this time of year, visible on Facebook, and probably Twitter, but I'm not a tweeter. Hehe.

This year I am determined not to let the rainy season be dreary. Today, I'm saying yes to the rain, and the Mr. and I are taking our critters to the pumpkin patch. Because that's how we roll. (Also, I have a Groupon  for the admission that will expire soon, so we sort of have to go. But we're cheerful about it.)

PS: Pinterest has some fun ideas for making the most of rainy days. And, for more inspiration, photos of happy people getting totally drenched.

Day Twelve

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