31 Days of Yes: Purging

Have you been thinking about purging some items?  Just do it, people.  I have sold about $100 worth of stuff I did not need in the last week and a half just by clicking a few clicks on my computer.  I heart craigslist.  Goodwill drops are rewarding, but there's nothing quite like getting rid of that big thing that was between me and the garage freezer and receiving money in it's place.  We even sold a barbecue that hadn't worked in a year and had been taken all apart.  Who would buy such a thing?  Perhaps someone who accidentally set the lid of his own barbecue on fire.

There's about a million books out there on the benefits and how to of purging, so I won't go on (much) longer.  Here's my personal tip though.  When a box comes into the house Costco or Amazon orders or whatever, I fill it up with stuff and drop it off Goodwill. . . on my way to the mall to buy more stuff.  Just kidding!  But this simple trick has helped me to keep our stuff somewhat under control. . .and now I know the names of the Goodwill donation employees and how their kids are doing.

Yes to purging!  Day Eleven.

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