31 Days of Yes: Early Morning Snuggles

This morning I was awakened by a slightly hysterical baby.  Turns out she had a good reason.  Charlotte has some kind of intestinal distress going on right now, and this morning, it was going on all over her crib.  Good morning!

There was no way to even pick her up without getting yuck all over myself, so I just headed to the shower with her, and then burned  washed all of the clothing and bedding.  Luckily the other children slept a little longer, so I was able to get us both cleaned up in peace.

After our shower, I had Charlotte all wrapped up in a towel, her wet hair swirled all over the place.  She was adorable.  I stood holding her in front of the mirror, admiring her sweetness as she snuggled into my shoulder, and thought about all that I had hoped to accomplish this morning.  And then I said yes to just standing there and snuggling.  She cooed and jabbered to me, and made faces in the mirror.  I easily could have continued getting her dressed and making breakfast, and that would not have been wrong, but instead I chose to hug that sweet, clean baby a little longer.

Because babies don't keep.

It was bliss.

day two
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