31 Days of Yes: Changing plans (or what actually happens)

Wellllllll, we didn't go to the pumpkin patch.  *ducks head in shame*

As the day went on, the weather became more rainy and gusty, and taking three kids out to wander around choosing pumpkins really did not seem like a great idea.  My husband summed it up: "It wouldn't hurt my feelings if we didn't go."

So we stayed home.  We did say yes to the rain by taking a little puddle walk in the morning, but the family field trip I bragged about yesterday just did not happen.  This post has a similar message to my previous Imperfection post, but it's a good one for all you overachiever perfectionists out there.  Changing your plans according to the circumstances does not always equal failure.

I said yes to real life and we all piled on the couch to watch Second Hand Lions instead.

Day Thirteen

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  1. Like this! Also forgot about Second Hand Lions.

  2. Thanks Erika. It's a fun movie, good for families.


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