Most Popular Posts of 2012

Despite irregular posting and being light on comments, this blog does have some regulars.  Here are my most-viewed posts for the past year, not necessarily written in 2012.  Such a random assortment!

T-Shirt to Girl's Nightgown

Op Art with Colored Pencils

Another Blank Wall Bites the Dust

Like a Tribe Chattering Monkeys

Whole 30 Completed, Sort of. . .

Run From Your Problems?

Crocheted Baby Booties

31 Days of Yes

Homemade Snacks

Light 'Em Up


  1. Run From Your Problems was my favorite. :)

    How did you figure out what your most viewed pages of the year were? I can only figure out how to do a month at a time or from the beginning of my blog until now (which is almost six years!!)

  2. Yes, I think that one was mine too. :)

    I did a bit of guesstimating. It's weird that they don't have a year option next to the month!
    I have been watching the weekly hits, so I know which posts were trending, and then I balanced that with the all time hits, which I feel comfortable doing because (frankly) my readership changed and grew this year so as to make the other years much less impactful statistically. Not exactly approved math methods. :)

  3. If you have google analytics, you can choose your own date range.


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