Another blank wall bites the dust!

This post is about TWO projects I recently finished up.  The first is just a bookcase redo.  Sand, paint, repeat, staple fabric on the scratched up back, there you go.  New bookcase!

upstairs hallway

Ok, not the best photo of the bookcase, but it's probably only exciting to me, who remembers it in its cheap, light colored laminate state.

Much more interesting are the pictures on the wall.  I have not been a fan of kid hand-print crafts generally; they seem overdone and blah.  However, this tree idea from At Second Street really grabbed me.  Simple and cheap, especially with various coupons for the burlap and the canvases.  It did take a while to chop out all those leaves (a project best done in front of a funny movie), but not so long that I was about to start cutting my own hair just for something different to do.

Note: Seems like it would be a good idea NOT to use a Crayola marker to outline your leaves because it might transfer (even if you draw on the back of the fabric) and totally ruin your finished project when you apply the modge podge.  I'm just sayin'.

and baby!


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