Like a Tribe of Chattering Monkeys. . .

So the other day I was on the phone to someone very important, although I can't recall exactly whom just now, but it seemed that I could not get off the phone and my children were jumping around me.  This is their typical behavior when I pick up my phone, I think its a Pavlovian response of some sort, but it is darn annoying.  I do my usual evasive maneuvers of turning my back to them (highly ineffective), and leaving the room (only partly effective), and waving insistently for each to please close your mouth with the most threatening expression I can muster (less effective than any of the above), but they do eventually get tired of this and start jabbering at each other about turning the TV on.  I am relieved at a few moments peace, and deliberately ignoring whatever is going on in the living room because I KNOW they can't master the remotes necessary to get the sound and TV functioning.

Except they did.

And they were quite please with themselves.  I think it was a team effort, except the left hand didn't really know what the right hand was doing, but instead got incredibly lucky.  They were so upset when I ended my call and promptly undid all their hard work.  As I was telling my husband about it later, I decided it was like a National Geographic video of little monkeys that discover some fruit that they don't know what to do with.  They all stand around chattering rapidly and occasionally flinging the object in the air and then, lo and behold! the fruit cracks open and they all dance around excitedly at their victory.  So.  Picture that next time you think of my children.

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By the way, here is a sickness update.  Wyatt seems ok, just a slight lingering cough.  His mood is somewhat improved, but the constant whining remains, so it turns out his problem was turning two, which apparently they will not give you a medicine for.  Grant found out he has bronchitis, so is thankfully starting some medicine and hopefully will be better soon.  Unfortunately, he pulled a muscle while playing basketball (I KNOW!  Who plays basketball when they have bronchitis?!!!) and now when he coughs he also doubles over in pain from the pulled muscle in his side.  It's a sad state of affairs, but a little bit funny too.  For me at least.  Ava's cough/ear infection seems to have been cured but she still can't hear very well.  Probably back to the doctor for her.  I can't wait until the medical bills start rolling in.


  1. I got your question on my blog. :) This year, Lola hangs out with me while I'm in the boys' classes. There is an on-site nursery for a minimal fee that I will use next year when she is more mobile and verbal. It would be wonderful if you joined us! :)

  2. Oh, and feel free to email me if you have any specific questions!


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