T-shirt to Girl's Nightgown - Tutorial

Zigzag stitching on the sleeves is the only hemming in this project.
Ava grew out of the nightgown I made for her last year from an ugly old lady a respectable women's pajama top. so it was time to make her a new one.  Because, you know, buying one would leave my stress level only slightly elevated  and where's the fun in that?

Here's the process in photos.  Feel free to contact me if someone has questions, but it's pretty simple.  AND it only took me about 45 minutes, including at least one stop to take care of baby.  This method is nice because you save the neck and bottom hems from the t-shirt, so very little sewing required.

Start with child's tank for a pattern.  Trace.

Use a ruler to extend the line of the pattern tank to the bottom your nightgown shirt.
This gives you enough length for a nightgown.
Pin the t-shirt to itself so the front and back layers don't move around on you.

When you cut out the nightgown shape, cut as close to the seam original sleeve as possible. This will give you extra fabric to fashion sleeves if you so desire.  If you don't want sleeves, just cut along the line you traced from the tank top.

Even up your edges at the sleeve.  I cut mine out from the neck so you get more of a
sleeveless shirt look, rather than a tank top.  Then zigzag stitch the edges as shown in the first photo.  

All done!  I think you could also do this with an XL men's shirt for a women's nightgown.

Action shot.


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