CC Connected Round Up: Cycle 2, Weeks 1 through 6

This post probably won't interest you if you are not part of a Classical Conversations community, but I think it will interest you very much if you are!

For those who might not know, Classical Conversations hosts an At Home Sharing Center on a part of their site known as CC Connected.  I referenced it in this earlier post when I mentioned the files I used to make our memory work picture frames.  I've heard updates are in the works, but the Sharing Center is currently a little tedious to navigate.  Also, there is a ton of stuff on there, so it's hard to even know where to start sometimes.  I have many times wished for just a teeny tiny thumbnail for some idea of what was hidden behind that pdf file name.

I looked around the web and couldn't find any kind of "Best of" roundup for CC Connected, so I decided to make my own.  Not really inclusive enough to be a "Best of," but still helpful, I think.  I make no promises on ever being able to do this again, but perhaps if the good Lord's willing and the crick don't rise. . .

Ahem.  Anyway.

Here's what we used or would have used if the toddler hadn't gotten into my red lipstick. . .or unrolled all the toilet paper. . .or decided to rearrange my plants or. . .

photo 2 (1)
photo courtesy of Suzanne Shares
Pronoun Packet
(username suzannemosley, also known as Suzanne of Suzanne Shares)
Contains English Grammar memory work for weeks 3-8 (pronouns and adjectives) in the form of cards that can be cut apart and used in a matching type game, etc.


History Statements.Cycle 2
(username suzannemosley)
Contains copywork pages using Cycle 2 History sentences.  There are two versions, for younger and older students.  Suzanne also made copywork sheets for English Grammar and Science, and you can get more details here on her blog.

History Sentences Wk 1
(Weeks 1-12 available as of this post) (username melodystroud, also known as Melody of And Here We Go Mama)
Contains images that correspond to each week's history sentence to mix up and put in order for further review.

Cycle 2 Memory Work Flip Chart
(username melodystroud).  More details can be seen on And Here We Go Mama.  Trust me when I say, you want this.  The entire cycle's worth of memory work, neatly tucked into a 4 x 6 mini album.  It's like your Foundations Guide in your pocket.  Melody also has a flip chart for Cycle 1.  (Blurred for copyright purposes.)
Note: Melody also put together a Math Memory Work review book with various files from CC Connected, but at least one of the files no longer appears on CC Connected, so I'm only going to link to her post.  You can see what's missing and decide if you want to recreate the missing parts.  For what it's worth, I did make one of these last year, and the kids do reference it from time to time.

Ephesians 6 Copywork
(username beknike, actual file name Ephesians 6_1-6 Copywork in English)
Just what it sounds like.  King James Version.

Science Experiment Lab Sheets (username HCASport, actual file name c2w5_Sci_Exp_13)
There are six weeks of these lab sheets available right now.  Each download contains two versions of the lab sheet, for older and younger students.  I used the version geared at younger students when I substituted for one of our tutors for a Apprentice class, and was pleased with the students' ability to follow along, despite varied handwriting skills.

photo via
Skip Counting Mazes.
This one's not on CC Connected, but it totally should be.  Skip counting mazes for 1-12 from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Review Day Proof Booklet
(username Jennifers)
Contains descriptions of the memory work for the first 12 weeks of Cycle 2, all subjects except Fine Arts. Makes two little booklets.

Latin Conjunction Charts. 
Another bonus not on CC Connected: this is a file folder game created by Brandy at Half a Hundred Acre Wood. I printed out just the blank charts and put them in a page protector for writing out each weeks Latin memory work.

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