CC Connected Round Up: Cycle 2, Weeks 13-18

For a brief introduction to Classical Conversations' file sharing site, click here, and here for weeks 7-12.

I have an odd mishmash of things to share today.  Many CCers are starting to think "Memory Masters," so I included a few review resources.  (Students in Classical Conversations have the option to try for the title of Memory Master, which means they have proven that they know all 24 weeks of memory work for the year.  Parents can do this too, but I am not.)

Newton's 1st Law of Motion (actual file name CC C2W16 Science)
(username Ksweetness)
I don't personally use many songs for the science memory work, but this one I found amusing.  It's Newton's 1st Law of Motion set to the tune of On Top of Old Smokey.  As the author points out,  you can have your students picture the meatball (from the original song) *in motion* rolling off the spaghetti plate.  This user has another song for Week 22 and the characteristics of light.

Ephesians 6
Armor of God ESV
(username daniellecyrus)
In our house, we primarily use the ESV bible translation.  Our CC community is memorizing this year's passage in the King James.  We have been working along with this for the first part of the year, but I'm finding the second half of Ephesians 6 too cumbersome for my little ones.  So I made an executive decision and we switched to the ESV for verses 11 through the end of Ephesians 6.  Much better.  I made this page to go in my kids' daily notebooks.

original graphic by Amen Designs

Weeks 12-15 Foldable (actual file name Wks 12-15_Math_Foldable_KK)
(username kkillingsworth)
A simple foldable page page for practicing measurement equivalents.

Week and Cycle Review Sheets (actual file name ending varies. begins C2 MM Checklist)
(username RebeccaM)
These are pretty self-explanatory.  The weekly lists are for marking areas your Memory Master pursuer still needs to master, and the subject sheets for more detail and for each round of testing.


Trivial Pursuit Cards, Classical Conversations Edition
(username brandyferrell)
Brandy of Half a Hundred Acre Wood created Trivial Pursuit cards for each CC cycle.  They work with any Trivial Pursuit game, although you might have to color over one of the category colors if they don't match.

That's all for this round, finished almost ahead of time!  Previous editions listed below.

Cycle 2

Weeks 1-6

Weeks 7-12


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