CC Connected Round Up: Weeks 7-12

For an itty bitty introduction to Classical Conversations' file sharing site, and for the Round Up for
 Weeks 1-6, go here. 

I know most campuses are through week 12 at this posting, but these files will still be useful for review and mastery. For this roundup, I chose one item from most subjects to limit myself and to hopefully avoid overwhelming you. Classical education should not get so complicated that you have a cut and paste worksheet for every piece of memory work every week.  That's craziness.  Don't do it.  Unless your family just really loves cut and paste worksheets. . .then have at it. 

English Grammar
Pronoun songs (actual file names Pronouns.m4a and Pronoun list.m4a)
(username clafrombois and kathrynkovarik, respectively) 
Here are two songs with all the pronouns piled together for extra practice.

Europe Blackline Map (actual file name: Blackline Map Cy2 2013_BlueWater)
(username HeatherS)
Shows the continent of Europe (obviously), including main mountain ranges.  Rivers and other waters are in blue for clarity.  No labels. The best I could find (at the time of this post) for a world map was one with gray water, under username grahamfam.

BONUS: This isn't on CC connected but is super helpful for teaching your students to draw the continents in the right hemisphere.  Half a Hundred Acre Wood has an entire Continental Map Blobbing packet here.  Some of these pages I use almost every day, certainly every week.

Blob map with major circles of latitude

Cut, Paste, and Label Printables (actual file name varies.  Currently weeks 1-18 uploaded)
(username Sarasmommy06, also found at Growing Because of His Grace)
Self-explanatory.  You can also find similar cut and paste worksheets for English Grammar under the same username.


Latin Chart with tenses and blanks (actual file name: latinchart.docx)
(username sammi9938)
Blank chart for practice writing the conjugations and pictures to help students remember the tenses.

Fine Arts
Tin whistle music for Christmas songs (actual file name varies.  Ex: Joy to the World Tinwhistle Tablature.pdf)
(user is
Here you will find the music notes for several Christmas songs, as well as the tin whistle finger placements.  My kids are currently memorizing all the verses of Joy to the World as their December poem, and we're attempting to learn to play it on the tin whistle as well.  One of these activities is uh going much better than the other. . .  Anyway, you will also find "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," "O Holy Night," "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem," "O Come All Ye Faithful," and "The First Noel."

Mystery Mosaic Review Game (actual file name: varies)
(username moagly)
This is very fun.  It's basically a color by number.  The student colors in the square after reviewing the corresponding Foundations grammar.  Since we are only through 12 weeks on our campus, I changed weeks 13-24 into a repeat of the first twelve weeks.  There are several different picture options on CC connected.

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