Classical Conversations Memory Work Board

Today you get a glimpse into the school prep and planning I've been working on for the past few weeks.

memory work frames
what the baby does while I work. . .

I don't post much about our Classical Conversations (CC) activities because I usually just steal my ideas from other people.  CC has an official file sharing site stuffed full of ideas for a very low subscription price.  I take full advantage of that.

The memory work board/wall I'm going to show you is just a compilation of other people's ideas.  Except maybe the spray paint.  I heart spray paint.

photo and idea by Mindy P.

I had zero dollars budgeted for this project, so I packed up my toddler while the big kids were at Grand-Camp, and we rummaged around at the thrift store for frames with the glass still intact.  The idea to use frames came from our CC community's fabulous, Trained, Tutor Trainer Mindy.  (No, that's not what we actually call her.)  She has these large, lovely frames (see above) sitting on floating shelves her husband made, with an extra shelf for the timeline cards.  The memory work can then be written on the frame glass with a dry or wet erase marker, with subject labels usually in place.  Fantastic!

memory work frames
frames before

As I mentioned, zero dollars available for me, and I wasn't at all sure I could convince my husband to build shelves fast enough for my impatience.  However, I managed to thrift frames for about $2.00 each, and I already had spray paint gathering dust in the garage.  Most of it from this similar wall project.  So I sprayed these babies sideways and upside down, and here's what I ended up with.  (I'm sorry about the photo.  These types of lighting situations show off my lack of expertise.  Believe me when I say I took way too many shots trying to make this photo look good.)

you get the idea. . .

I decided I'd rather not hand write all the memory work each week when there are such great visuals available on the file sharing site.  I printed most of the files two to a page to save ink and paper, and because my frames were smaller than 8 1/2 x 11.  Sticky tack does a fine job of securely-but-not-too-securely holding the papers in place.  (Bonus: the sticky tack will still work on the wall in the frame on the far left, which does not have it's glass anymore because, um, an alien stole it.)  I plan to put maps with the CC geography locations in the larger center frame, although I might alternate it with fine arts because the kids have their geography memory work in page protectors in a little folder.  In case you want the files I have, here are the details:

  • I used files for English grammar, cycle 2 Great Artists, and Orchestra and Composers from username tamraclove.  (file names not exact).
  • From user brandyferrel (of Half A Hundred Acre Wood fame), I downloaded her Trifold History (two files) and Trifold Science pdfs, as well as Math Slides.  For Latin, I found a very simple powerpoint by user thriftydomestic.
  • For maps, I like the weekly maps by user KindaCrunchyKate, and also the Foundations master maps from fmoderator1
Ta da!


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