Spray Paint Love

With all my new energy I am getting stuff done, people!

Wreath for my entryway.  I can't change my whole house for each season (waaaay too lazy for that, not to mention that's a lot of stuff to have around), but I do like to change the few decorations in this little alcove often.  It's directly across from our front door, so I like to think it distracts people from the squashed raisins under the table and naked Barbie in the shoe basket.

Repainted Goodwill wreath.

A new chair for my sewing desk.  Sanded, spray painted, recovered seat with new fabric (and two layers of old t-shirt for extra cush).

the chair seat before.

All done!

At my sewing desk.  I made it messy on purpose for you.
(Sewing machine is at the dining table while I finish up some curtains.)

Inspired by Pinterest.  Cheap thrift store frames and (naturally) spray paint.  Display wall for school work?  I think so!

Not spray-painted, but I bought a $1 basket at the thrift store and tied it to the handlebar with elastic from an old pair of  mens boxers.  Take that, $20 online plastic flower basket.


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