Capturing Moments: Saving Spaces - Ava

One of the books I read last year, The Creative Family, mentioned the idea of taking pictures of your children's favorite spaces as another way of recording their lives.  We spent a good part of the morning in Ava's room with a shovel and a trash bag, and I thought (lightbulb!) "time to take a picture!"
This lovely yellow quilt was mine as a child, made for me by my mother.  It is so special to me, and to Ava now too.  She loves for me to tell her how Grandma Sara made it for me when I was little when I tuck her in.  Then she tells me "when you are a little baby and I am big, I'll make a blanket for you, but I'll make it pink because pink is more better."  And I have this mental flash of me being old old old and Ava tucking me in with this foofy pink blanket she's made herself.  "I should be so lucky," I tell her.

(In case you are wondering about what was behind Ava's bed today, the answer is I chose not to look!  A mama can only do so much in one day!)

(Sometimes I find Wyatt cuddled up in here when Ava is gone. )


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