Can you say pack rat?

This is an old email I sent out a while back, but it's too funny to languish in my sent folder, so here you go:

Behind Ava's bed, I found:
5 books
2 rings
1 golf ball
15 beads from a broken bracelet
A doll’s hair (creepy)
Part of a doll outfit
Random scraps of paper including business cards and a sports illustrated magazine renewal card
Pebbles Flinstone doll
1 mini Thomas the Train
Part of a plastic pineapple
A spoon
2 bottles of travel-sized lotion
1 bottle of travel-sized conditioner
Picture of her daddy
(awww!)Cap to a spice container (mustard seed, if you're curious)
Make up brush (I've been looking for that!)
Chapstick cap with chapstick stuck inside
Foam tray from a meat package (????)
3 pennies
3 plastic fairies


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