Whole30 Round 2: Weeks 3-4ish

Hey, we finished our Whole30 challenge (about a month ago)!  Our second two weeks went smoothly.  I was finally able to shed the tiredness and that sluggish feeling from the first two weeks.  Grant and I were still tired, but we both enjoyed solid energy levels and moods (This last refers to me I guess. Mr. Cyrus says his moods are always steady, although I personally found him more pleasant to be around during the month of our challenge.)  We both just generally felt better.  A week or two after we finished, he came to me and said, "I'd like to eat mostly Whole30 in the future."  I'll take that as a win.  No amazing fantastic news this time, just better health, so our goal at home is to eat as close to the Whole30 plan as we can, with a root beer or tortilla chip thrown in here and there for comfort.

We camped during our last week of the Whole30 challenge and near the bottom of the post I included some Whole30 camping ideas.  But first - many have asked me if we eat mostly "paleo," so let me treat you to my general (and wholly subjective) thoughts on the paleo eating template.
The short answer is: sort of.  Strict paleo-eating people only eat what our cavemen ancestors would have eaten, and that seems to rule out cheese, which is a deal breaker for me.  I need a little cheese (and chocolate) in my life to make up for the complete absence of gluteny goodness.  Plus, my nutritional needs are exactly the same as someone who needs to sprint across a field to harpoon a deer and then spring back to avoid being mauled by a panther or whatever.  However, using the word paleo in recipe searches is a good way to get gluten-free recipes without the burden of gluten-free flour blends or processed sugar.  Also, aiming at paleo meals forces me to get more creative with vegetables, which is a good thing.  (Side note: one thing that is actually cheaper in California is my CSA (community supported agriculture) share.  CSA boxes are my favorite way to get more vegetables in my diet.  www.localharvest.org for options in your area.)

Paleo picnic
In college, Mr. Cyrus and I would often go to the store and grab random items for a deli picnic.  These were such fun, stress-less summer meals, that I decided to try it paleo-style.  Trader Joes would be a good place to get these items, but other stores work too.  Include some or all of the following:

  • deli meat (check the ingredients!  Costco does have roasted chicken sliced up deli style that is Whole30 compliant)
  • stone ground mustard (I have a great affection for mustard.  In a world where nothing stays the same, mustard is still its same old, delicious self.)
  • fresh berries of some kind
  • sugar snap peas and carrots (or fresh green beans if you prefer)
  • kettle chips (potato or sweet potato because white potatoes are now ok for Whole30) (ok, no, chips are technically not allowed during a Whole30 for the same reason psuedo-desserts are not ok, but that would fall under the heading of I.just.don't.care.)
  • guacamole and or salsa (check ingredients!)
  • salted nuts
  • water

Whole30/Paleo Camping Meals:
(camping, NOT backpacking)
(these can all be prepped at home before you head out to your campsite)

Balsamic Bruschetta Chicken in foil packets (leave out the cheese for Whole30, serve with a simple veggie salad)

Grilled Sausage with Potatoes and Green Beans (also in foil packets)

Paleo Salmon Cakes (you would need a flat cooking surface like a camp griddle if you cook these at the campsite, but they are worth it!)

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