Whole30 Week Three

Still going.  Wishing for a little more flexibility in my diet, but still eating very good meals.  Really the hardest part is planning ahead and then not being lazy and waiting until the last second to prepare something to eat.  When I'm starving and looking at bread, I think "how bad could a sandwich really be?"  I suppose that's debatable, but the merits of a sandwich are really beside the point.  Whole30 is about understanding exactly how the food you eat affects how you feel, and about your relationship with food, which sounds melodramatic but really just means this: do you eat when you are hungry or do you eat for some other reason?  (By the way, choosing indulgence is vastly different from emotional face-stuffing and perfectly ok in my book.  Bring on the chocolate.)

I'm not going to list all the food I ate this week, mostly because I'm not eating that creatively.  In trying to treat my thyroid, I ended up overdosing on the medicine, and had all kinds of crazy symptoms (unfortunately no prophetic visions or revelations of deeper meaning).  In case you don't know what a thyroid hormone overdose feels like, I shall tell you: hot flashes, surges of agitation, alternately feeling chilled, exhausted, heavy, generally unwell. Yuck.  Also my brain is even foggier than before.  I feel like there's a funny quip here, but I can't quite get it out of the FOG!
I've since cut down the medicine again, and am getting back to normal, but I'm totally wiped out.  It's a bit annoying, really, because I had been feeling really good for the past few weeks, but I'm sure it will pass as I get things stabilized.  I had my thyroid lab tests done right before I started the Whole30, and my totally uneducated guess is that the diet itself actually improved my thyroid function, and left those labs in the dust.  So we shall see what happens.

Ok, so back to the actual Whole30.  I am 22 days in and it's really becoming a habit.  I don't really miss the foods I'm not eating unless I actually see them (except for sweetener in my coffee).  None of the meals I'm making are that complicated, and the only hard part is the same hard part of any food that doesn't come out of a box ready to go in the oven.  Making it!

My kids have noticed that I eat slightly different foods than they do, and my daughter referred to my "diet."  I do not like hearing that word in reference to myself, and definitely not from my precocious daughter's mouth!  I tripped all over myself trying to explain that it was just to see if it made me feel better.  Unfortunately, she's also caught me on the scale a few too many times, although she doesn't really know why.  She exclaimed, "Why do you weigh yourself all the time?!"
"Um, just to check?"
"Oh, I'll check too.  Oh, look, hurray, I'm a pound heavier!"

In closing, I will tell you that I deliberately had a vanilla latte today during a morning of treating myself (which would include the forbidden items dairy and sugar), and it did not go well.  Not sure if it was the dairy or what, but my digestive system was most displeased.  Bummer.

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  1. I love the way you write. I miss you.


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