Wyatt Quotes: Holding His Own

If you've been reading this blog very long, you know my oldest child has quite the personality. . .and verbal skills beyond her years.
However, it appears that the other two might be similarly "gifted", and so (for better or worse) Wyatt has plenty of his own quotable moments.

Home Depot Workshop, making a little planter box

For example, I was changing Charlotte's diaper and asked Wyatt to get me a clean one.  He (who has mastered the male art of appearing incompetent in hopes that he won't be asked next time) looks aimlessly around the room and at the ceiling, all the while yelling, "where? where??"  I cave and get up to grab the diaper.  I may or may not have shaken it at him while saying "HERE!"
Wyatt's eyes twinkle and he wails "No, noooooo, nooooo!  Don't get the diaper yourself!  Noooooo!"  If you imagine someone saying, "No, anything but that!" when you offer them a million dollars, you've got the right tone in mind.  But he continues.  "Noo, don't put that diaper on by yourself!  Nooooo, don't put the baby's pants on, nooooooo."  Twerp.

Yep, a twerp.

Wyatt, roaming around outside, "Where can I pee?"  Me, "Ask your father."

"What?  Can't I pee outside?"

Wyatt's telling me if I don't come help him, there will be problems.  "You don't want that to happen, do you?"

We're on the way out the door to church and I'm wearing a new purple shirt.  Wyatt asks, "Are you sure you want to wear that shirt?"

a little extra cheese in this one. . .

And here's an Ava quote for good measure:  We are sitting down for dinner at home, and Ava says grandly, "I have heard people think this restaurant is very good and popular. Is this true?"  And a bit later, "Goodness gracious Mama, this vinaigrette is delicious!"


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