Home Depot Workshops

Home Depot has these (free) workshops for kids the first Saturday of every month, and we finally made it to one.  Everyone had a great time. . .except for maybe Charlotte (it was loud) and we will definitely go back.  January's project was a Savings Shed (a.k.a. piggy bank).

Wyatt studying the directions.

Ava, so focused!

 Some things you might want to know:
- The project comes in a kit with all the supplies you need.  Nail and screw holes are pre-drilled, making it easier for little muscles to assemble.
- Ava could do this with very little help, and she does not have much experience with hammers.  Wyatt needed much more help, but still was able to participate enough to enjoy the project.  If you have more than one child under 6, I would suggest bringing more than one adult or teenager helper.
- You can reserve a table for a birthday party group.  How awesome is that!!
- The tools are sized for little hands.
- Participants also get a work apron and a pin that resembles each project they complete, like Girl Scout badges.
Lowes also has kids' workshops.  These suggest (require?) advance registration.  Home Depot does not, but it does get full.
- March's project is a race car!

Since the project area was growing full by the time the kids finished building,
we headed home for the painting part.


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