Gratituesday: My Kids

Ever since I did this post about thankfulness and this list of blessings last week, I continue to be convicted about my attitude. Even knowing how much a deliberate spirit of gratitude can affect everything in my life, I'm still grumbling! And, of course, some of the easiest things for a stay-at-home mom (professional home executive) to grumble about are her clients (also know as the screechy one and the mouthy one at hour house). Ha, I'm kidding, we usually call them the sweet, but volume-control challenged one and the cute, patience-inspiring one.
Anyway, as I was discussing my feelings with my husband (he loves to discuss feelings), he said regarding our kids and their various behaviors, "but they are 90% really great kids."  (I think he says this partly because everyone always says how much they resemble him).  Well, he was right.  Hear that, babe?  I even wrote it on the Internet, You Were Right.  I figured your first time deserved a celebratory proclamation.  :)
Well, all that to say, I am writing a list this week of all the things I am thankful for regarding my two favoritest blessings.

1) They are so darn cute!  So far, no noses or ears at which we have to just shake our heads and hope they grow into them.
2) Each child is sleeping well!  There was a time not long ago when this was not true, and I was not fit to operate a motor vehicle.  Getting a full night's sleep is something to be treasured!
3) Ava is so clever.  She is always examining things and figuring out how people interact and how life goes together.
4) Wyatt, despite the screeching, is a very pleasant, easy-going kid (so far!).
5) Both kids are friendly, and rarely even care when they are left with a babysitter.
6) Ava is instinctively helpful, and has been from an early age.  One time she knocked over a cup of water.  I tsk tsked and got a towel.  In a little bit, Ava came back over with her baby blanket and started mopping up too.  She was about 18 months old at the time.
7) They make me laugh every day.  Today's favorite: Ava, while playing outside, asks, "Mom, can I go wandering off all by myself?"  Which brings me to my next item . . .
8) They challenge me to be stronger, kinder, gentler person who pays close attention to every word that leaves her mouth!!
9) HUGS!  I am hugged so much, it actually makes up for being drooled on and thrown up on.
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