Gratituesday: This Week!

Over at Heavenly Homemakers, Laura always hosts "Gratituesday" to make a point to be thankful. Gratitude is a big focus of my quiet times these days, so I decided to count my blessings publically today. (You know, for all five of you who read my blog. ;))

1) My sister-in-law invited us over for dinner Sunday, and then ended up bringing it to our house so we could put Wyatt to bed on time. How amazing is that!!!

2) Before dinner, we got to go Frisbee Golfing with friends (and did not die of exposure to the elements, another bonus) and then they came to our house (lured by a yummy dinner from my SIL) and my friend Leslie helped clean up my kitchen!!!! This is no small thing because my kichen was on the waiting list to become a registered SuperFund site.

3) Monday, my other friend (yep, I have two!), Bekah, offered to have Ava come play all day! This is also no small thing because my daughter is, um, passionate and determined.

4) During my calm and relaxed Monday, Wyatt took two naps, which he typically does not do.

5) During those naps, I cleaned out the entire kitchen, counter, cupboards, and pantry. I confess I did find some food items older than my children. YUCK!

6) Counter space, glorious, shining counter space!!

7) Did I mention there was pie with the delivered dinner on Sunday? PIE!!

8) My husband and I have a double date tonight!

9) I thought my sewing machine was really broken, but it turned out to be an easy fix (easy if you don't count the hours of futile poking and prodding.)  So Grant helped me fix it, and I managed to finish one of my skirts for Haiti.  I'll put a picture up soon.

10) While typing this, I heard Wyatt, who was asleep all of 30 minutes, start to wake up and cry.  But you know what, he didn't wake up his sister!!  :)


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