God is not mad at you

My sweet daughter was in a mood this morning.  By mood, I mean category 87 storm that threatens destruction on anyone and anything that even hints at crossing its path.  Stomping feet, grouchy face, unkind words.  Yelling and shoving and growling like a bear (oh my!).  (For the record, there is toddler literally hanging on my neck right now.)  I tried correcting and redirecting Ava, but it became apparent - even to herself - that her emotions were totally out of control.  I could see her starting to shake under that creeping guilt that I know so well.

"You know, Ava," I said, "the only thing that helps me when I feel like that is to take some time and talk to God.  Go upstairs and sit with Jesus and tell him all you're feeling and ask for help."  Sobbing, she nodded and headed grimly to the stairs.  As she passed me, I saw despair on her face.  "Ava, He wants you to come to Him." More nodding and sobbing, and then I had a mini-flash of inspiration.  "Ava, God's not mad at you."  Her head turned and she looked me with this surprised expression.  I continued on, telling her of a Father who is saddened when we disobey and when we are unkind to each other, but that all He wants is for us to run back to Him!  He doesn't sit up there on His golden throne waiting for the chance to say "I told you so."  Her shoulders relaxed as I talked.  When Ava came downstairs, she was calm and we finished getting ready for the day without incident.  Thank you and amen.


I realized at our church's women's retreat this fall that I held this view of God without realizing it - that I thought of God as just and loving, yes, but also stern and vaguely disapproving of my many mistakes.  That when I confessed my woeful ways, God sat up there saying, "Yeah, it's about time.  I forgive you, now stop being an moron."

But, as our retreat speaker said, "God's not mad at you!  He loves you!"  He's waiting for you as one waits for an honored guest, for a dear loved one gone long on a trip.  We fail to remember our God is tender toward our humanity.  He knows we're idiots and it doesn't change a thing about His love for us.

God is not mad at you.  I just thought you should know.

*There is a whole Joyce Meyer book by this title, but I have not read it and make no claims on it's relevance to this post.  However, I did really enjoy this video by the same name: God is not mad at you.  (The last 5 minutes are fluff.)


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