Free and Easy Thanksgiving Fun

My kids love to color and listen to stories, so, while I'm busy getting ready for Thursday, I'm setting them up some Thanksgiving themed coloring pages and old-time radio programs.  We've listened to these radio shows a few years in a row, and enjoy them quite a bit.

This list is short and sweet, and by no means intended to represent all of the coloring pages and radio programs out there.

Below are the descriptions of the radio programs direct from the download site.  Head over to Homeschool Freebie of the Day to download the files.

Let's Sing About Thanksgiving
The first is this sweet episode of the music lesson program “Let’s Sing”, originally broadcast over radio for rural schools to use as a music class. In this program, young listeners will learn and sing along with some simple Thanksgiving songs and hear some Thanksgiving poems and stories. We’ve also got a PDF Listening Guide to go along with this which contains the words to the songs and poems, along with a few simple questions to review after listening.
Baby Snooks's Thanksgiving
Daddy and Snooks both have stuffed themselves WAY too much at their Thanksgiving dinner, so when it is naptime, the craziest dream takes place! Loads of fun for all ages!
 Mark Trail: The Poisoned Turkeys (remember this comic strip??)
“Mark Trail” was a fun 1950′s children’s adventure program featuring the famous outdoorsman, based on the comic strip which still lives on in the newspaper comics today. In this exciting episode, Trail assists immigrant farmer Jim Pilgrim, whose turkeys have been mysteriously poisoned.  Can Mark solve the mystery before even worse disaster strikes? Great family fun.
Fibber McGee Prepares for Thanksgiving
Next, we have a couple of short 5 minute skits featuring the legendary Fibber McGee & Molly (and Teeny the little neighbor girl) detailing a few of McGee’s oddball preparations for the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a hoot! 

Spoonful Thanksgiving Coloring Page
sample from What's in the Bible Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

What's in the Bible? Deuteronomy 12:7 Thanksgiving Coloring Page
another cute sample

Free Thanksgiving coloring sheets for children
image via Ministry to Children


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