Weekend Life

Yes yes, I know it's Wednesday already, but such is life!
On the way to the first farmers' market of the season

Why walk when Daddy can drag you?

We had a terrific weekend, enjoying out of town friends and some weather that was quite agreeable.

A little fitness time
Wyatt running around in circles, burning off his post-breakfast energy.  Try to imagine the sound his head made as he bounced all over the house with this box as a hat.
We also managed to finally start our Calvary Hill project.  I'm hoping we get some sprouts by Easter!

And after our company left, we worked on our yard together, and then went out for a family date.  Let me tell you, our kids were so. darn. good.  I was so amazed at how well they behaved in the restaurant.  They were polite and obedient and even relatively quiet.  We actually ordered dessert, which my husband and I rarely do. And then Wyatt fell and hit his face getting into the car, and it all kind of fell apart after that.  Eh, oh well.  But we did get some lovely photos of everyone all spruced up.  Don't ask me what they are doing in the second and third photos, I have no idea.

4 and 2 years old

Look closely, that's our backyard behind them!

31 weeks and couting!


  1. Hey there! Can't believe how much they are growing up!! Miss you all so much, and WOW you look amazing!!! :) Yeah for the final countdown!!!!

  2. Danielle - you look beautiful mama! Wonderful pics! Can't wait to see pics of your newest little one here soon! :o)


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