Reclaimed Frame and Corkboard

For my kitchen, I wanted a bright cheery bulletin board to stick random very important notes on.  I had one that was just the corkboard and it was fine, but I wanted more!  Found this frame at Goodwill for cheap and spray painted it with semi-gloss black.  The corkboard was a little big, so I cut it down to size with a kitchen knife.  (Where is my reciprocating saw when I need it??)  The final part was to cover the board with a fabric remnant I had, and staple gun the whole thing together.  For just a few dollars, I'm pretty proud of my cheery new board!


Project complete!


  1. Very nice...I am going to do something similar with an old corkboard I have...but I want to put criss-crossing ribbons on it to hold pictures...that way I don't have to use pins and it can be kinda a collage. Mindy


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