The Motherhood Blues (link)

It's that time again.  The I-still-have-10-weeks-left-but-I'm-just-about-ready-to-be-done! time that comes in every woman's pregnancy.  Yep, it's early this time around.  Boo.  So as I get bigger and more uncomfortable, and find out every doctor visit that my body is struggling in yet a new area (anemia this time), I find I am projecting this feeling of "everything is so hard because of my pregnant body!" out onto the time when the baby will be here and then, I FREAK OUT.  Of course my problems are small and limited.  Of course I won't have this belly when I am taking care of a new baby, and frankly the baby will be a lot cuter than my belly anyway.  Of course I might not have the postpartum struggles (read: black hole) that I had after my second child.  Of course I am doing myself NO favors by worrying about something that won't happen for at least two more months.  And yet.

In an effort to try to head off that feeling, I have been spending some time thinking about what I can give up, at least temporarily, when that third baby arrives.  It's a tough thing for my personality.  There are many things, like baking bread, that could easily be "delegated," away from me (in that case, to the supermarket!), but I really like doing them!  I love that my kids get homemade bread, and it saves us money too, money that we can spend on other good things like vente lattes.  So I have to keep coming back to the question, what is essential?  What will help my children grown into the people I dream they will be?  What will help me keep my sanity while they are doing that growing?  I can tell you that lattes help, but probably not enough to offset the quantities of bread that need baking.  Anyway, here's a great link on being content as you get Back to Basics.

Motherhood is so very hard, in a myriad of ways and situations.  You might not be staring up a flight of stairs (over your pregnant belly) as you listen to your offspring scrabble over who gets to sit closest to some toy, but you're probably facing something else that leaves you worn out, weary, and without hope or joy.  I found this post to be a good reminder that, yes, we mothers face a daunting task day in and day out, but we DO have what we need, and we DO NOT need to DO half of what we THINK we do to be successful.  So go take a look, and I shall cease my rambling and go take a nap.  And just so you know, the thing I am deeming non-essential today is proof-reading this post.  Sorry about that!


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