Decorating My Stairwell

Honestly, there are more important things I should be attending to, but eh, whatever. I have completed my first decorating project in our new home!  Our stairwell has an outside window and is very well lit, but seemed like such a blah expanse of wall.  I made the decision not to try to paint until the weather warms enough to open windows or after the baby comes, so I knew I wouldn't be doing anything like that.  I wanted to do something other than the typical photo wall, and somewhere on the internet I found the idea to put up shelves and put air plants on them for a bit of color.  Unfortunately I couldn't find air plants locally, so I wandered around Goodwill and through my own house to see what kinds of glass items I had laying around.

And here is the result.  Probably will do some tweaking, maybe change some with the seasons, but I'm really pleased with the results.  The bulk of the cost went into the floating shelves, which I just picked up on sale at Fred Meyer, but I also found the same set on Amazon (see below).

 I didn't see these until after I already had my shelves, but two or three sets of these hexagonal shelves would be pretty cool together on a wall as well.

I already had the framed items I used to "cap off" the top and bottom of the staircase; I just spray painted them a matte black to match the shelves.  I plan to do some kind of a wall decal on the other wall, just have to settle on which one I want.  (A while back, I snagged a Groupon from Dali Decals for a $50 credit for $20!)  Also, it is very hard to photograph a staircase wall, so no judgments on my photo please!



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  1. LOVE IT!! Wow, that is really beautiful. What a fun wall to pass every morning and evening and however many other times you go up and down your stairs in a day:).


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