Fall Art: Pastel Pumpkins and Apples (OiLs)

What's Back-to-School time without an apple craft??

He wasn't as melancholy as he looks!

Today we squeezed in some art time.  In the morning.  Before math (gasp).
We classical Christian educators know in our bones how vital the arts are to producing real humans and to drawing us ever back to our Creator. . .and yet. . . art is hard for homeschool moms!  It takes up so much time, makes a mess, and what do you do with the baby while your hands are covered in glitter glue?  (I personally have zero tolerance for glitter glue.)  Here's my soapbox reminder: It's worth it, parents.  But it won't happen if you leave art time for the end of the day, after all the "real school" is finished.

Ava, age 7

Art Teacher Tips:
The video below is quick and makes the whole drawing very simple and approachable.  For our pastel project, I threw a cheap, wipe-able tablecloth on the table, had the kids put on their paint shirts, and put an apron on myself so I could relax.  I hate stains.  I also had a wet cloth handy for fingers.  My pastels were from Michael's (bought with one of their coupons) but I've also used these Prismacolor NuPastels in the classroom.  I also planned the project for the half hour before snack time, so there was less resistance and more assistance (hehe) when I said, "time to clean up!"  At last but not least, I modeled the process for my students, and then made my own drawing.  It's good for me and good for my kids if I take a turn with the materials, no matter what the end product looks like.

Me. Age: NA

Sign and hang your work!

Classical Conversations Connection:
This project, especially the pumpkin version, can be an extension of the drawing elements for CC Fine Arts grammar, Cycle 3, Week 1.  Point out the circles, the curved lines, the solid line of the stem, and have the students use the different elements of OiLs to add details to their project.

Apple Chalk Pastel Tutorial (one minute)

Tutorial: Pumpkin Apple Pastel Drawing (pictures only)

There are more fall pastel art tutorials for purchase at Southern HodgePodge, which is where I found the apple video.


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