counting small blessings

To continue from last week's post, we did not end up going on our field trip to Safetyville.  Charlotte hit her head a number of times the day before (and I managed to whack her with the car door and send her sprawling, so that pretty much finished her off.)  She woke up multiple times in the night crying and upset and then threw up in the morning.  Poor thing would not move or eat, and wasn't even really talking to me.  So off to the emergency room we went, and after approximately a million dollars in ER bills (plus tax), her brain turned out to be fine.  Welcome to California?

So no field trip.  My little girl was not herself for a day or two, so not much unpacking either - although that's been pretty slow anyway.  I've been trying really hard to seize opportunities to get out (especially with new friends) and not worry too much about the unpacking, but then I look around and think, "why is it such a mess in here?!"  I was explaining this to another mom at my new CC group, and she said, "right -  you relax, relax, and then you spaz."  I've never felt so understood in my life.  *wry grin*

Here's my short description for this week: unsettled children + homesick + allergies + exhausted + girl problems = :(

There you go, you're up to date.  It's been a bumpy one, people.  By Friday (yesterday), I had established a modicum of peace within myself and was able to soften enough to admit that I was also grieving deeply over the passing of my friend.  Helping Charlotte through her CT scan brought back a flood of hospital memories that have been affecting my mood ever since.  But today is Stacey's birthday and I want to mark it with real joy, despite the pain.  I want to lean forward in gratitude for the ways I was carried this week, as a reminder to myself of the many ways my Jesus has walked with me during the past year.  (Another example here.)

(yes, this was the best shot we could get.)

from this year's One Thousand Gifts list:

299) family ice cream outing to celebrate Wyatt's spiritual birthday
300) "big" kids still wanting me to tuck them in every night
301) "old" friends checking in on me regularly
302) caring new friends in our CC group
303) Psalm 11:4 - scripture to comfort, reminder of where my trust lies.
304) yoga together with my critters (despite some fighting over the one yoga mat)
305) my marriage flexing and holding strong and sweet in this new challenge
306) family exploring and dinner out in gorgeous sunshine

Birthday flowers to celebrate the life of a beautiful mama, wife, and friend.

But God hasn’t moved to the mountains;
    his holy address hasn’t changed.
He’s in charge, as always, his eyes
    taking everything in . . .
Psalm 11:4 (The Message) 


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