Ransom Note Poetry

BraveWriter is a language arts curriculum for sale, but author and creator Julie also has a steady stream of content from Facebook, email, and probably Twitter, that is really encouraging and helpful.  I get her Daily Writing Tip email, which contains an activity idea or sometimes just a lifestyle tip for homeschoolers or anyone who has children at home.

One activity we did recently was just about playing with words.  Seems like young kids love to cut things up, so we pulled out old magazines and went to town cutting out any words that caught our attention.  Of course my kids are hoarders too, so they kept cutting out pictures and wanting to keep them.  I gave my standard reply: "If I find it on the floor. . "

We talked about font, color, sound, all that, and then put the words together in little poems.  Simple, fun, and interesting results:

my poem

Wyatt made two versions.


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