Toddler Learning Notebook

This post could also be titled "Keeping Your Toddler Out of Your Make Up Drawer While You Homeschool the Older Children," but that doesn't have the same ring to it.

Please understand that I don't think toddlers need any kind of school.  They need to be hugged, played with, prayed with, and read to.  A lot.  I think that's really all preschoolers need too.

So when I say "Learning Notebook," I really mean "Distraction Device."  Apparently when you're the youngest of three and your older siblings are busy doing Important School Work in their notebooks (more about those in another post), you only have two activity choices: beg pathetically and repeatedly for your own notebook, or draw on the wall with eyeliner.  A close third option would be to remove/dump all pieces to all of the games in the house and place/dump said pieces into one convenient receptacle for transport;  for example, the laundry basket.

I put this notebook together one evening while my husband was making dinner, so it's a fast project.  I started with a blue folder with prongs or whatever those brad type things are called.  Every page is either laminated or in a page protector.  I didn't want anything consumable or that would need updating because, ain't nobody got time for that.  I also got these clickable dry erase markers (affiliate link) so we don't have to worry about caps.  Aside from monitoring marker use, this is an entirely self-directed activity.  Herself, not myself.

There are about a billion options for toddler and preschool worksheets, but here are links for the pages I decided to use.

Hundreds Chart


Sort it out

Cycle 2 Maps from Classical Conversations
(a similar example here)
Not because a two year old needs to know the rivers in Europe, but because she finds great delight in doing the "same" work as her siblings.

Tot Time Notebook
I printed the number pages 2 to a page, but decided to skip the letter pages for now.  Charlotte is getting plenty of letter recognition practice other ways.

Nativity Printables
Not that she will actually be tracing the words or anything, but I think she'll like the cute pages. I used the "Help the shepherd get to baby Jesus," and one page of the card match game (page 17)
(see sample image at the top of this post)

Draw Your Dinner
Printable Toddler Activity: Draw Your Dinner
image via

Meet the Shapes


House Shape


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