If Your Resolution Involves Food. . .

Plan to Eat!

I'm leery of fancy software that claims to make everyday tasks easier. . .usually it just makes the tasks more complicated - and takes my money as a bonus.


Some of my favorite bloggers have been trumpeting the virtues of this Plan to Eat software for at least half a year now.  I admit to being very tempted already, but then on Black Friday, Plan to Eat had a huge sale.  So I took the plunge.  And luckily, I'm quite pleased with the program.  Actually, I love this software so much that I decided to be come an affiliate and trumpet its goodness to the heavens.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Since many of my new recipes come from the internet these days, Plan To Eat is a good fit for me.  I usually pull things up on our tablet if I need to actually see the recipe, although I do still print some recipes out to keep in my recipe binder.  In the case of frequently made foods, I put them on index cards on the insides of my cabinet doors.  Either way, I can still do my meal planning easily on the computer no matter where my recipes are by adding the recipes into Plan to Eat.

This post is a bit rushed because my kids have been swapping off being sick and so I end up using all my computer time wiping noses and comforting phlegmy coughers, but I wanted to let you know that Kat at Inspired to Action is blogging a Meal Planning Boot Camp starting today and using this same program.  She's giving you a full run down on how to get the program ready to work for you so you can do your planning for a week in just a few minutes. Check it out!

Meal Planning Boot Camp


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