Annual Break

It has been my habit to declare an official blogging break in December, so you know I'm actually refraining from posting on purpose, instead of my usual tendency to post at random.  I was hanging on, hoping to squeeze a few more posts out of my brain before the Christmas bustle set in, but, alas, it is too late.

photos by Mt. Hope Photography

Ava is consulting the calendar on a regular basis, and both older children have been heard to randomly burst out, "Will Christmas ever come?!"

We are listening to the old-time Cinnamon Bear radio broadcasts, making gluten free gingerbread cookies (actually, pretty good!), plotting sneaky acts of random kindness, braking for every decorated house in the neighborhood, and reading aloud that old, old story once again. . .trying to grasp the wonder and hugeness of our Creator's love for us.  This I will definitely miss someday: the pure and giddy excitement of children at Christmastime.

See you next year (unless I have more photos too cute to leave lonely on my hard drive.)

PS:  I am having technical difficulties with my photos.  If you see weird blank spots, please let me know!


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