Books to Help Children Understand Hunger


Mr. Cyrus and I got to know each other partly in the Circle K Service Club at Oregon State University (although we had met before), and service has always been a part of our relationship.  We seek ways to pass that mindset on to our kids - partly because we believe caring for each other's practical needs is one of the truest expressions of God's love, and also partly to keep them from growing into spoiled brats.  It's shocking how easily they slip into the "gimme-gimme" attitude, despite all our efforts to the contrary.

With Thanksgiving approaching, and Christmas hard on its heels, opportunities for community service are more easily found, especially for growing families who often have more time than money to share.  (Which makes me laugh, because what mother of littles has much time on her hands??)  As the season goes on, I will share what we do with our kids during the holiday season; our traditions are a work in progress, to be sure.

To get you started, here is a post I found at Lasso the Moon on books that help children get outside their own cushy world and understand the dramatic need for us to share from our plenty.  More titles can be found in the comments of the post.  Many of these books can be found at your library.

10 Books to Help Children Understand Hunger

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