Baby and Guest Room Redo

This room has taken me fo-evah, but finally I have something to show off.  Actually, it has been in its current state for at least a month or more, but I wanted to make pillow shams with the leftover curtain fabric before posting photos.  I finally decided to just tuck the fabric around one of the pillows so you could get the idea. Clever laziness, no?  With Christmas coming up, any crafting time will go towards gifts, and not pillow shams.  How does a homeschooling mother of three find time for decorating?  Bit by stolen bit. . .and also, I don't often clean my kitchen.  Hehe.
I could not get the "after" photos too look like I wanted. . .my camera and limited skill really show up here, but you can at least get a sense of how the room looks.  It's airy and bright, and the accent stripe seems to make more sense in person.

 Before (during painting though):


you've seen this before.  here is it's new home!

*mock pillow sham*
made from toilet paper rolls - inspired by this pin


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