School Starts!

Wait, waahh?

Yes, it's true.  We started the 2012-213 school year today.  Ava is starting first grade, Wyatt is tagging along for the ride, and Charlotte is majoring in stashing things in the garbage can.  (True story: The other day I heard the garbage can lid softly close, and I came around the corner in time to see Charlotte wander away with a thoughtful look on her face. Upon inspection, I discovered (at various depths) the following items: 5 game pieces, 1 piece from a car puzzle, cups 5 and 10 from her toy stacking cups, two blocks, Grant's headphone earpiece, and a pair of pajama pants.)

I haven't even done a "what are we doing this year post."  Sheesh.  I'll probably get to that around January, but I can assure you I have at least planned where we're headed this year.  Why do we start now, when summer has just barely arrived in force?

Making Twirly Paper Ladybugs to celebrate our first day.
Three reasons:  1) My kids have just returned from 10 days in Sisters, mostly without me.  This is as good a time as any to start back into our fall routine.  2) It's bloody hot out there in the afternoon, and the kids don't want to play outside then anyway.  If we sneak in a bit of school work during the hottest time of the day, no one thinks to beg for tv time.  3) If we start now, we can easily take a whole month off around Christmas, or longer breaks in the spring, or pretty much anytime we want.  Low cost, high pay off.  This is my favorite part of homeschooling: we can do whatever the heck works best for our family.

Inspired by my friend Heidi, I lined up my kids for some totally amateur first day photos.  No hope of comparing to her photos, but at least I can see what they all looked like years from now.  Yeah, that sign is weird.  I was distracted when I was writing it, and Ava didn't want it to say "first day" because it wasn't the first day ever . . . then I just thought, "Oh who cares, you get the point."  What follows is a slew of unedited photos.  Believe it or not, these are the best of the session.  Enjoy.

This was while we were waiting for Ava to change out of the fairy costume she chose for these photos. . .

This is her "thoughtful" pose.

eh, sort of. . .

Go team!

aaaaand, we're done.  I tried.


  1. I love the pictures. :) So full of personality and fun. Happy first week of school!


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