A Few Weird Things About My Kids

I was working in the garage, and leaned out around the car to see what the kids were doing because it had become suspiciously quiet.  I saw Charlotte sitting on a little push bike looking bored.  The other two had their heads in the street drain talking animatedly.  How cute, I thought, they probably found a bug or frog and are doing a little impromptu nature study.  Brilliant future scientists I'm raising.  I called to the kids to ask what they were doing.

Ava thought yogurt was a good food to feed the baby in a car.

Ava whips her head up and called back, "We're just talking to my new friend Water."  Uh huh.

So that got me thinking about all the oddities about my children. Here are more of the head-scratching things about my kids.


  • They will happily munch on bell peppers, but won't take more than a sip of soda.  (Not that I mind!)
  • They regularly wear pants and long-sleeved shirts in the middle of the summer.

  • Wyatt sleeps absolutely flat on his back with his arms straight at his side outside the covers (think corpse pose without the folded hands), yet he still manages to fall out of his bed several times a month.

  • They seem to have a serious affection for shredding Styrofoam into the tiniest particles possible.
  • Both older kids have a deep, unexplained affinity for the Somalian national anthem (thank you IntelliGlobe).
  • Charlotte gets very angry when I'm not wearing shoes.  She will go fetch them, put them at my feet and chatter furiously until I put them on.
  • Charlotte absolutely adores her bike helmet, and prefers to wear it during all regular business hours.


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