July: Just Photos

low-key welcome sign for our party for Charlotte's birthday and Ava's half-birthday

Shared birthday party

cake? cake!

playing with one of the party favors, found on MadebyJoel

I made a skirt! (yoga waistband like this)

Setting up our home for the Cinnabar caterpillars we found in the yard.

huh, wonder how the baby's hair got wet. . .

three kids playing happily

and again.  it doesn't happen that often.  ;)

emptying the dishwasher. notice the lack of clear counter space in the background.

photo by Ava

our garden!  we work as a team: clothing optional. (yikes, my legs are pale! I think it's the camera angle.)


yep, that is what you think it is.  apparently tantrums come even from the quiet sweet ones.


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