See that gun-metal gray sky??

 I bought some rather inexpensive play silks from Dharma Trading Co (later I thought I probably could have thrifted old shirts and cut those up, oh well. . .), both for my kids and for an upcoming little girl birthday.  The day they came in the mail was stormy and blustery, so I ripped open the package and sent the kids out to play.

We dyed them later, which was also quite fun.  I just used food dye and vinegar, tutorials can be found pretty much anywhere.  You can also dye the silks with Kool-Aid.  I happened to have a packet or two hiding behind the tea, so I tried that, and it wasn't that much different than the food dye, in my opinion.  (Side note: my husband saw the Kool-Aid and was shocked.  "You're giving that to the kids?"  He actually doesn't care all that much, but he knows I do, so he was really worried I was sick or something.)

Ava, channeling Kate Winslet. . .
I made no effort to make the dye even, just balled the silks up and stuffed them in the bowl, or like this one, I draped different parts in.  Rinse it out, and then you can drop the undyed portions in a different color.

My kids love these so much.  The silks have been tablecloths and wings and royal robes and wrappings for baby dolls, and that's just in the first few weeks!

Markers for snack?  Don't mind if I do!


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