May in Photos

I've been trying to post more regularly so you know when to think about checking for some amazing and insightful literary greatness (um, yeah. . .) but I've been so busy keeping my house tidy, I haven't had time.  What??  Don't believe me?  Ok, me neither.  Here are kid photos for you dedicated readers.  I think most of them have at least one kid blurry from movement, and that about sums up my daily life.

Family hike, Silver Falls State Park.

Charlotte working the camera. . .

Last soccer game for the season!

He's showing her some little stickers.  Later, Charlotte will find those stickers and have about 5 of them in her mouth.   Scary choking moment follows.

photo by Wyatt.

Charlotte thinks it's quite fun to hang like this and examine the world from a different angle. . .
or she just likes the tingly feeling when all her blood runs to her head.

Elaborate dinner for two plus one small baby doll.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but Charlotte has started holding my phone up to the side
of her head and making little chirping noises and then chuckling to herself.
I don't even want to think about the implications of this.


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