Fort Building Kit

AKA:The Present for Which Your Kids' Friends Will Love You

supplies from the dollar store

I made a few of these for birthday parties this past month, and Wyatt was climbing in my lap wanting to know where his was!  A really fun part of this project was that Ava was able to help me sew on the ties.

I started with this tutorial at Saltwater Kids because I just could not see myself making all the bias tape that some other tutorials called for.  Also, using old t-shirts to make the ties makes the project more of an up-cycle, and, well, cheaper.  Also also (yep, two), the t-shirt ties are stretchy and easier for little hands to tie.
I used the printable label found here at ARMOMMY.

I reworked the pillowcase to make a drawstring bag for the whole kit.

To make the pillowcase bag a little less sloppy looking, I added a simple gusset on the bottom.  Sometimes people who sew throw words like "simple" around to mean a task that will only take an hour, but this gusset is seriously simple.  It takes maybe a few minute.  You just sew up each corner, simple!

all done!


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