Dear blog, I am sorry for neglecting you.

My entryway.
Yesterday I put my makeup on while holding a baby in one arm.  Things were going pretty well until I stopped to survey the results and she grabbed the mascara wand.  She's quick, that one, and getting quicker by the day.

there are no words for this expression

So after that I went downstairs to make breakfast: scrambled for the big kids and scrambled yolks for the baby.  She eats like a teenage boy, which might explain the hair growing on her chest.  (Just kidding.  Ew.)  Anyway, here is the conversation that ensued:
Wyatt: Can Charlotte have eggs?
Me: Yep.
Wyatt: Can Charlotte have eggs?
Me: Yes, she can have eggs.
Wyatt: Does Charlotte have eggs?
Me: Yes, she has eggs.
Wyatt: Charlotte has eggs?
Me: Yes!
Wyatt: Oh! (he turns to Ava) Charlotte has eggs!
Me: (quietly leaving the room)

I made him a cute backpack, and the kid prefers a plastic breadbag instead.
I walked into the kitchen to do something the other day, and I forgot what I mean to do, so I headed back to my computer.  When I got there, I remembered I wanted to give the kids their vitamins, so I walked back into the kitchen.  Once there, I forgot again.  We're talking a distance of about 10 feet.  10 feet!  

We are still here and well, despite the blog silence, crazy and random as ever.  I am working on a little something that is taking up any extra time I might have to use the computer (that is, for things other than googling "how to remove a bean from my toddler's nose).  Here is a photo hint.  Oh yeah, and the baby started climbing the stairs.


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