Duct Tape Wallet

I really broke new crafting ground for myself on this project.  I finally made something that a tween/teen boy might actually like.  And I used the MacGyver of all supplies: duct tape.  (Would you believe spell check doesn't like MacGyver?)  Even better, camo duct tape!

I actually made this for my cousin's son (my first cousin once removed, says Google) for Christmas, but then like an airhead I forgot it, so I had to wait until I a) remembered to ship it, or b) found a convenient time to deliver it.  So here we are, finally delivered.  Merry Christmas first cousin once removed!

Click on the photo to go to the tutorial I used.

Ahhh, here we have the sunset view.  That's my front step in the background.  I think the concrete really brings out the ruggedness of the wallet, no?  (ha!)  One long bill pocket, three credit card pockets on the left, and an open pocket on the right for photo id.

Bonus: these are the little envelopes we sewed for Valentines this year, found a la Pinterest from Nest of Posies.


  1. That's so funny you made a duct tape wallet. I used to carry a couple rolls with me everywhere and when i'd get bored i'd bust out the duct tape and make a purse or a wallet for whom ever was next to me. :) super fun!

  2. ooo, a purse? you'll have to tell me how. :)


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